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Who we are

Our Reputation Represents Reliability In Partnership

From the beginning, SMKT (Thailand) Ltd. has recognized that our clients, partners, our employees, our communities, as stakeholders, are critical to our continued success.

SMKT (Thailand) Ltd.’s enviable reputation for exceptionally high levels of quality, safety, reliability, innovation and service is the direct result of our collective efforts with all our stakeholders in responding to changing demands in patient care, treatment and well-being. Including Photography Business and lifestyle.

As we move forward, we will continue to determine ‘Our reputation represents reliability in partnership.

Our History

SMKT (Thailand) Ltd.

A Member of Schmidt Group of Companies

Established Company as named Schmidt BioMedTech (Thailand) Ltd. in 2001 as Distributor of Medical Equipment and Accessories

In 2009 Company registered as SMKT (Thailand) Ltd. as Distributor of Medical Equipment and Photographic Industry

SMKT (Thailand) Ltd. located at 54 B.B. Building 14 Floor, Sukhumvit 21 (Asoke) North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok


Key Milestones In Our History


The Foundation (1896 - 1935)
  • Established Schmidt Shoten in Tokyo in 1896.
  • Imported German Medical & Lab products to Japan & China.
  • Expanded to Osaka, to Beijing in 1911 and to Hong-Kong in 1931. Erection of Paul Schmidt Monument as Honor from People of Hakone, Japan.

The Distribution (1953 - 1967)
  • Started as distributor of renowned precision optics & exported to Far East. Expanded in Scientific & Medical appliances distribution of many high quality German made products to Far East.

The Expansion (1967 - 1992)
  • Started with 32 Staff in Hong-Kong and expanded to 1200 Staff in 1992.
  • In 1960’s recognized potential Electronics & Computer as future business for Schmidt and integrated into one of major core business.
  • Expanded to Taiwan 1968, Korea 1971, Singapore & Malaysia 1974, Indonesia 1976, PRC 1979 started in Guangzhou & followed Beijing, Shanghai & Chengdu, Thailand 1992, Vietnam 1992.

Completion of re-engineering process of SCHMIDT Group of Companies

SGHL Board of Directors resolved in December 2000 to separate the Schmidt Group into three fully independent Business Enterprises:
  • SCHMIDT BioMedTech Asia Ltd.
  • SCHMIDT Electronics Group Ltd.
  • SCHMIDT Marketing Asia Ltd.
The resultant independent management and decision making enabled each Independent Business Enterprise to focus on maximizing the potentials and
opportunities in their particular area of specialty, with an emphasis on understanding and meeting our customers’ needs.